Monday, April 4, 2011

Writer's Block Improving! An Update: April 4, 2011

I know, I know, I have been silent on the blog for over a month. A combination of a significant case of writer's block and just needing a leukemia vacation have contributed to the absence. So in the future, remember this fact: if I disappear from my blog, it usually means I am doing pretty well and just living life or I have kicked the bucket!

We are preparing for an upcoming trip to Ohio State to see my leukemia specialist. As my last post alluded, I was having significant drops in my counts and we scheduled the appointment to determine the cause of the declines. Marrow failure was in the forefront of our concerns. Amazingly, miraculously, my counts began improving through the later part of March. My hemoglobin reached 13.6 - higher than it even was at my diagnosis - almost fifteen years ago. GO BONE MARROW! That victory was short-lived because last week my counts declined again. The roller coaster ride has been relentless in 2011.

I believe the radiation was worth the risks. My lymphocytes (cancerous) always comprised about 98-99 percent of all of my white blood cells. That percentage is now running 40-50% which is a significant reduction in my tumor load.

I have officially made it over two months without ANY IV antibiotics. Of course, God deserves all the credit for this. I believe He has directed my steps down a path with many stops along the alternative medicine path. A combination of oil of oregano, olive leaf extract, grapeseed extract, elderberry and goldenseal seems to be eradicating infections via a natural pathway versus antibiotic overload. Praise God.

At last, my flu quarantine ended and I have spent the past week as free as a bird! I had been at home since Christmas Eve dinner and church services. The only exceptions being "vacations" to the hospital or the doctors' offices. Grocery shopping, receiving a hair cut and style, and running errands never had such broad appeal. I am free at last!

Another major praise is that my very wise family doctor recommended a supplement (backed with scientific research) for the long-standing, unbearable fatigue I have suffered with leukemia. I decided I would add it to my protocol and I have had an amazing few days with increased energy and stamina! Please pray this will continue as it the closest I have felt to "the old me" for a very long time. Heaven knows, as the nanny to my two year old grandson, energy is a premium commodity!

The heart monitor I wore for twenty-four hours in late March did not reveal any serious arrythmias to which we could attribute my heart palpitations. I am experimenting under the guidance of my family doctor with potassium and magnesium dose adjustments to see if the palpitations improve. There were periods of very low heart rates recorded on the monitor (down to 24 beats per minute) but I declined further testing. When God decides the old ticker should stop ticking, nothing will stop it. I am trusting Him.

Thank you for your continued prayers. I was reflecting the other day about the family, friends, churches and individuals who have literally prayed for me for almost fifteen years. Those are some faithful prayer intercessors, isn't it? I am humbled that the Holy Spirit has brought my needs to the remembrance of so many believers for so many years.


Cip said...

I have had heart palps for years. Sometimes lasting for weeks (24,000 PVCs a day, which I can feel every one of them) an sometimes just for minutes. Cal/Mag makes a BIG difference in my palps! I hope it helps you too, Stacie.


The Gisel's said...

Glad you have been on vacation. thanks for writing & fighting the battle through God's strength & ways for 15 years. Keep on keepin on!