Monday, April 4, 2011

The Best Medicine

I have a prescription for the best medicine for whatever ails you. This medicine relieves stress, brings laughter to enhance immunity, and makes the tiredest body jump out of the bed. I must warn you that insurance will not cover this medicine. And it is not accessible by everyone.

That medicine is the love and companionship of a grandchild. Lil Man and I have been together almost every week day since he was six weeks old and his Mommy had to return to her career. He is now almost two and one-half years old. What a journey this has been for me. When he naps in my arms, I stroke his curly hair and tell him that he will never know the life he has breathed into me. He will never know the laughter and joy he has given to me on days that otherwise would have been filled only with pain and suffering.

I know this will sound like a typical Grammy remark, but we stand in awe and amazement at what he says and does. In the words of Aunt "Tef" - "He has never been a Terrible Two - he is a Terrific Two!" I agree. Lil Man has a sense of humor that I have never witnessed in a two year old. His intelligence is impressive (even according to his doctor). And we have such fun together.

Everyday is a new adventure. When I pick him up in the mornings at his Mommy's office, he talks all the way home on our twenty minute drive. I told a friend that sometimes I develop "conversation fatigue" with Lil Man who knows how to chatter (that might be a genetic inheiritance from his Mother). He is really singing these days and those musical notes are precious to me. Having a grandson after three daughters has been an interesting experience. Today we took small pieces of lumber to tie on the top of his Crazy Coupe so that he could pretend he was driving home from the lumber yard. Basketball goals, T-Ball sets, four-wheelers and monster trucks have replaced the home once filled with enough Barbies to populate a small nation and girly girl clothes and trinkets.

I ask him, "How much does your Grammy love you?" And he replies, "A WHOLE BUNCH!" Then he tells me, "Grammy, me love you a whole bunch". Love of a grandchild is a unique bundle of emotions and joy that continually grows just like the child to whom that love is directed. I am grateful beyond words for living long enough to experience "Grammy-dom". I am just waiting to see if more little ones join our family and if so, how many will be added. I might have to buy a bigger vehicle if this daycare experiences a population explosion.

Love You, Lil Man!

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